Sad & shocked to learn today that Max_M, the boss of M_Rec Ltd, died from a cancer. We lost a great artist and label manager. I interviewed him by e-mail last february for an article published in Trax. But I never released the whole interview. Here it is.



Julien Moschetti : What are you musical influences ? Which Italian producers influenced your sound ?

Max_M : I don’t like to mention any artists or producers. A lot of 90’s italian artists are respected worldwide. All I can tell you is that I was heavily influenced by punk, dark and electronics music in the 90’s. I’m spellbound with these movements which offered a different vision of those moments we lived. My background comes from all these influences.

J.M. : Would you say like Resident advisor that « you are obsessed by the slick and immersive aesthetic » ?

M. : Yes is true, when I walk around in the street, I’m always looking the aesthetic thing. I think this obsession comes from where I was born. Roma is a city where almost everything is old, where you can discover hidden beauty everywhere.

J.M. : You said in an article that Underground Resistance was a big influence. Why ?

M. : Because it was the first time in my life this new sound gave me thrills and pure chills.

J.M. : How do you define M_Rec Ltd’s music ? How do you see the musical evolution of M_Rec Ltd since a few years ?

M. : M_Rec Ltd has no specific sound. It’s just a platform where artists express freely their sound.  It can be darker, softer, bleepy or raw, but this is still Techno. We will see the evolution through the years. Now I only think about the present.

J.M. : Why did you choose to release international artists (not only Italians) on M_Rec Ltd ?

M. : It’s not a choice, it’s just a musical taste. My label is not only restricted to italian artists. I’m all the time open to release unknown artists. For example, Allen sent a demo and I immediately said yes, because he hit what I wanted on my label, he centered the target. Other people just send demo’s to everyone without thinking or knowing the label. Most of the time, this is not the good way.

J.M. : Can you compare italian techno during mid 2000’s and Berlin sound ? Would you say that italian sound was slower, smoother and more mentalist than berlin sound ?

M. : I don’t like to compare any sound. Each country makes a typical sound. Most of the  influences come from the city you live in, from the history and troubles of your city. Sometimes people add a tag or specific genre to the city or a country, for no reason, just to say something.

J.M. : Italians are famous to make atmopheric, hypnotic & dark techno (labels Elettronica Romana, Prologue, M_Rec Ltd…). Deeper & less raw that german techno. Don’t you think so ?

M. : I don’t think this sound is just italian. This kind of music is more popular and shows another vision of darkness, but when I hear that Italians made darker sound, I don’t think it’s real. It’s just an evolution of techno music that you can hear in Italy, France or Germany.

J.M. : Which producers & labels are nowadays the heirs of Elettronica Romana ? Prologue ? M_Rec Ltd ? Hypnus ?

M. : Maybe Elettronica Romana just influenced theses labels. I don’t think there are any heirs. Most of the producers and labels try to do their best to create their own sound, and not to look like someone else.


Thanks for all that you give us Max.

Julien Moschetti, 31/5/2015

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